Simbu’s surprise visit to CWC title winner Kani’s house

‘Cooku With Comali 2’ winner Karthiga aka Kani Thiru is still basking in the success of the show. And why wouldn’t she as she was one of the most loved contestants of this season. While the proud husband and director Thiru took to social media to post about her win and said that there was more to come, other celebrities, too, took to social media to wish her all luck and love.

Silambarasan TR aka STR, the celebrity judge for the finale episode, also visited her house recently for a meal. Actor Mahat took his Instagram to post about his visit to Thiru and Kani’s house along with STR. He said, “In between my ‘Kaadhal Conditions Apply’ shoot and STR’s ‘Maanadu’ shoot lunch break, we got an opportunity to taste Kani Thiru’s amazing food! Next level taste! Thank you so much brother for hosting us, Thiru. And thanks to special guests who joined us after lunch Rakshan and Syed Nivaaz.”

Thiru took to social media to thank STR for dropping by. He said, “Thank you brother, Silambarasan TR, Mahat,
Rakshan and Sayed for coming home. It was a present surprise. I hope you all liked Karthiga’s Karakozhambu.” Kani, too, posted saying that her happiness knew no bounds by STR’s surprise visit.

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