Vadivelu tearfully mourns the death of his close buddy and rival Vivek

Kollywood and movie fans all over India and abroad have been rendered shell shocked ever since the news broke out that legendary comedian and social activist Vivek is no more. He passed away at 4.35 am at a private hospital where he was being treated for a massive heart attack since the morning of April 16th.

Vadivelu the arch professional rival and close buddy of Vivek in a video message has tearfully mourned the loss. He has stated in Tamil ‘ I am in deep grief ever since I heard the news and it is even difficult for me to speak. He was a very good man who was close to the late Indian President Abdul Kalam and following his advice he used to strive to bring awareness to people by planting trees and he was also involved in a number of other social services”.

Vadivelu added that personally they both used to address each other without formalities and he pointed out that Vivek was a very frank person and praised his rival that he was a much more natural actor than himself.

Vadivelu broke down when saying that “I was his fan and he was mine and I cannot come to terms with his untimely death. I am at a loss of words and unfortunately, I am not in a position to even pay my last respects to him in person as I am in Madurai. I pray that his soul rests in peace and request the people to stay strong as Vivek has not gone anywhere but will live on in millions of hearts”.

Vivek and Vadivelu have acted together and given double delight to fans in several movies including ‘Viraluketha Veekam’, ‘Middle-Class Madhavan’, ‘Manathai Thirudivittai’, ‘Pongalo Pongal’, ‘Thirupathi Ezhumalai Vekatesha’, ‘Unn Arugil Naan Irundhaal’ and ‘Kantha Kadamba Kathirvela’. Vivek in recent interviews expressed his desire to star in a new movie with Vadivelu but unfortunately, it is the loss of fans that it can never materialize.

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