Sasikumar and Nikki’s film will convey to this generation the perks of living in a joint family

Director-actor Sasikumar is known for making movies that carry a socially relevant message. His next acting venture will be no different. The film, titled Rajavamsam, is a family entertainer that hopes to make this generation aware of the perks of living in a joint family.

Director KV Kathirvelu tells us, “The concept of a joint family is long forgotten. Everything is fast-paced in this world, and with the present economic situation, people are working extremely hard to make a livelihood. We really can’t blame them if they don’t have the time to think about their relatives. But it’s a sad fact that today, many elders are spending time alone in their homes, waiting for that one phone call from their kids living in a different city or country. In such a scenario, how would it be if, say, 49 people from a single family live together under the same roof, with no grudge or enmity whatsoever! I wanted to remind people of the joys of living in a joint family.”

Talking about how Sasikumar came on board, he says, “I’d narrated the story to a friend, who told me that Sasikumar would be apt for the role. He arranged for a meeting and I told him the concept. He didn’t even ask for time to think over it! Within half an hour, he said okay.” Kathir adds, “He plays Kannan, a regular guy, working in a company. I got inspired by Lord Krishna, who keeps everyone around Him happy and came up with this name for his character. Nikki Galrani plays his colleague and the story also explores what she thinks about the concept of a joint family.”

The film has been shot in Pollachi, Chennai and Bangkok. “We had planned to release it on March 27 last year, but the lockdown happened. We thought of releasing it on March 12 this year, but the election was announced. Now, we are looking at another date,” he signs off.

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