Bharath and Vani Bhojan team up for a dark thriller

Bharath and Vani Bhojan are all set to come together for an intense dark thriller, which will be directed by debutant M Sakthivel. While thrillers seem to be the flavour of the season in Kollywood, Sakthivel says that his film will be different. “When you say thriller, it always targets a specific segment of the audience. But this one is more of a family film… a thriller that all family members must watch,” he begins.

While Bharath plays an engineer, Vani plays his wife. “When I wrote the script, I felt that they would be apt for the role. I wanted someone who is familiar with the audience and can act. Both of them are talented in their own way and it felt right for our script, too. When I narrated the script to G Dilli Babu sir, he loved it and he, too, felt they would be the right choices for the film. Both of them have equal importance, and audiences will see a new side of them. The entire story is set against the backdrop of a windmill farm and the plot revolves around a simple family,” informs Sakthivel.

The film will be shot in Tenkasi, Ambasamudram and Chennai. “The film has limited characters and no songs. KS Ravikumar, Tulasi and Rajkumar will also be part of the film,”says Sakthi, who is known for his ads and pilot film Abhimanyu.

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