AR Rahman’s Oscar awards lost and found!

AR Rahman created history in 2009 by becoming the first ever Indian to win two Academy Awards. The popular music director, hailed in India as the Mozart of the Madras, bagged two Academy Awards, one for the original score for ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and the other for the hugely popular global hit ‘Jai Ho’ from the same film.

Interestingly, the acclaimed composer seems to have believed his Oscar Award was lost and then found quickly. In a recent interview with a popular Tamil magazine, AR Rahman narrated the story, where he thought the Oscar Award was lost.

Narrating the incident, AR Rahman said that this mother only had his Oscar Award safely wrapped in a cloth in her cupboard, ever since he got them, thinking it was made of gold. The popular musician had not even thought about it for years, until recently, when his’s mother, Kareema Begum passed away in December 2020.

When he though of getting the Oscar Awards to his home from his mother’s home, he couldn’t find them in the cupboard he thought she had kept them. AR Rahman apparently believed they were lost, until his son AR Ameen revealed that the awards were in a different cupboard.

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