‘Cook with Comali’ Dharsha Gupta cries and shares an emotional video on social media

Cook with Comali is the most important show airing on the popular Vijay TV, and fans are eagerly waiting every week for this show’s new episode. The much-anticipated finale of Cook with Comali 2 will take place next week.

The fans are all waiting to see their favorite contestants cook in the finale. Also, Ashwin, Baba Bhaskar, Shakeela, Kani and Pavithra have been selected for the finals.

In this situation, Dharsha Gupta has made a name for herself through Vijay TV shows including Cook with Comali and Senthorappoove. And now she was liver on her Instagram page, where she suddenly cried and spoke sadly. Yes, Djarsha Gupta would post an ad for a few jewelry shops to help them for free. But she could not post the advertisement because she was busy with her prior projects.

Due to this, posts have been posted on the internet that Dharsha Gupta is cheating. Darsha, who was upset by this, cried and clarified this to her fans. Dharsha Gupta further stated that she wouldn’t be doing any more free promotions and signing up only for paid promotions to avoid such blames in the future.

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